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ISRO is Trying to Create a Desi Version of Google Maps, Twitter Has Already Mapped Out the Memes


Indians started a meme fest as soon as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and MapMyIndia announced their collaboration to create an alternative version of Google Maps on Saturday.

According to MapmyIndia's CEO and Executive Director Rohan Verma, this collaboration under the Aatmanirbhar Bharat scheme combines the power of MapmyIndia's digital maps and technologies with ISRO's catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data.

The news has certainly prompted netizens to channel their feelings about the Google Maps that has been reigning the GPS navigation system in the country.

For some, it was Bigg Boss season 13’s Shehnaaz Gills’ this iconic dialogue that captured Google Maps and Sundar Pichai’s reaction:

While other users got the opportunity to show how taking online navigation applications seriously is not that good of an idea.

It is clear that navigating to your destination in India is quite a bit of a challenge so much so that even advanced technology softwares like Google Maps also fail sometimes and can land you in weird places.

Another user had this meme dedicated to Google Maps as ISRO and MapMyIndia announced their initiative:

While this user brought in this hilarious Hera Phera twist to the news:

It will be interesting to see how ISRO and MapMyIndia will handle these challenges and give Google Maps a competition. Verma termed this new initiative a path-breaking milestone in India's journey towards 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat', where Indian users would not be dependent on foreign organisations for navigation and geospatial services, but instead leverage made in India solutions.

PTI reports that ISRO’s Department of Space (DoS) entered into an MoU with geospatial technology company CE Info Systems Private Limited, that owns MapmyIndia, on Thursday. According to Bengaluru-headquartered ISRO, through this partnership, the combined geospatial expertise of the DoS and CE Info Systems would be put into use through their respective Geoportals.

The space agency said in a statement that through this collaboration the two teams will jointly identify and build geospatial solutions utilising the earth observation data collected by NavIC, Web Services and APIs (application programming interface) available in MapmyIndia, MOSDAC, VEDAS, and Bhuvan geoportals.

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