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How to file new nomination in EPF account online

 The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has been requesting members to add nominations in their EPF accounts. If a nominee is not added in one’s EPF account, then the account holder may lose access to EPFO's many benefits. On the EPFO's official website, account holders can add the nominee’s name and other details online EPFO tweeted instructions for changing EPF/PF nominations online. According to the tweet, “ If an EPF member wants to change existing EPF/EPS nomination then he/she can file new nomination. New EPF/EPS nomination will override previous nomination.

If you want to enter or change a nomination, on the EPF Portal make sure to update your profile photo to finish the process. If you try to update a new nomination without a profile pic, the page will display this message, “Unable to proceed. Please upload your profile photograph. ( Menu : View -> Profile).” Once you upload the photo then you will able to file your new nomination. EPFO in its latest tweet stated, “ EPF Members can file new nomination to change existing EPF/EPS nominations. New EPF/EPS nomination will override the previous nomination.”

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