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Andhra Pradesh Records Highest Covid-19 Growth Rate in India in Last 2 Weeks as Tally Rises Above 1.2L

Andhra Pradesh recorded its biggest single-day spike of over 10,000 Covid-19 cases on July 29 - even higher than Maharashtra that reported 9,211 cases on the same day.

Andhra Pradesh, whose Covid-19 numbers have been travelling north in a quick pace for the past few weeks, registering not less than 7,000 infections, reported 10,093 cases as a result of a record sample size of 70,584. The state also recorded 65 new Covid-19 deaths during the period, taking the toll to 1,213.

Andhra Pradesh has been witnessing an alarming spike in the number of cases in the last few weeks and has averaged 7,376 cases daily since the July 22.

Surge in Cases in Last Few Weeks

From being at 8th spot in the total virus-load, the state has jumped to the 4th spot among 13 other major states of the country in just a fortnight. With 1,10,297 cases on July 28, Andhra stood only behind Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

Cases in the state have surged since the July 14 and it recorded a whopping 77,278 cases in the last couple of weeks, which indicates that 70% of its total case-load has been recorded in merely 14 days.

The state’s case-load has also increased by more than 3 times in the last couple of weeks. Its growth multiple of 3.34 in this time-frame is by far the highest amongst the 13 major states of the country, even higher than Karnataka.

Rise in Positivity Rate But Better Than Most States

The sudden surge in the number of positive cases has been a direct consequence of the high numbers of testing in the state, which has conducted a large percentage of tests in the containment zones. The Positivity Rate in the state has gone up from 1.14% on June 15 to 1.64% on June 30 and then from 2.91% on July 15 to 6.3% on July 28.

However, its Positivity Rate remains below the National Average of 8.69% and lower than most of the other major states.

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