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Delhi-NCR Strike By Transport Unions Against Hefty Fines on 19 Sep

As crackdown on traffic violations under the new Motor Vehicles Act, 2019 intensifies, the Noida Transport United Front (NTUF) has planned a strike across Delhi-NCR against 'the anti-transport and trade policies' of the central and state government, on Thursday, 19 September.
Truck drivers and owners of commercial vehicles huddled at the Noida Stadium on Monday and announced their decision to take part in the strike on Thursday.
  • The transport operators are protesting hefty fines under the amended MV Act, including ‘harassment and extortion’ by the police
  • The central government’s promise of insurance and medical assistance and revocation of amendment to Section 44AE of the IT Act are the other demands
  • UFTA is a joint front of transport associations and unions from across Delhi-NCR

Transport Association Calls for 'Chakka Jam' in Delhi-NCR on 19 Sept

Transport operators under the banner of United Front of Transport Associations (UFTA) have called for a 'Chakka Jam' across Delhi-NCR region on Thursday, 19 September, to protest steep fines introduced under the amended MV Act, high toll taxes, among other issues.

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